What is a Virtual Office Address?

  • To put it simply, a Virtual Office Address is a business address you can use when you don’t have a business address. Virtual office address services are offered by many different businesses, predominantly by serviced office operators as an important part of their business.


What is the difference between VA Plus and VA Std?

  • Virtual Address Plus when you need Inspiringr address to be registered as your business primary business address, now or in the future.


  • Virtual Address (Std) when your business is already registered somewhere and you just need a secondary business address. You have no intention of using Inspiringr address as your primary business address now or in the future.


After I purchased VA Plus, what next, when can I get the Lease AgreementĀ  Certificate?

You'll receive the Inspiringr VA certificate. You can now officially use our address.

For VA Plus you now register with SEC/DTI. Once approved, email us the approval.

We'll prepare, once ready will email or collect the Inspiringr Office Lease certificate.

Now you're all good to proceed to get permits from the City, Bgy, fire, & BIR.

I purchased VA Std, what next?

  • You may use the address now as your secondary business address.

Can I use VA Std for registration with SEC/DTI, City Hall?

  • NO, if that’s the case you need to upgrade to VA Plus.

Do you provide a telephone number and call forward service?

  • No, we encourage clients to use their mobile. It’s a breeze for a client to reach you, with tons of online features compared to the primitive landline phone.

Who uses a virtual office address then?

Virtual Office Addresses are for:

  • Home-based businesses who wish to maintain the privacy of their home address
  • Businesses with owners who are geographically remote from the area that their businesses service
  • Businesses whose owners are mobile or who travel a lot
  • Large businesses who want to be seen to have a physical presence in multiple areas

Where is your location?

  • SUITE 802 SHAW TOWER St. Francis corner Shaw Blvd.
    Ortigas Center, Mandaluyong 1550

Do you have any other location?

  • Currently, we do not have other addresses in Metro Manila, but we are working hard to have in other areas.

How does this work?

  • Once you sign up, you can then use our address on your stationery, business cards and/or your website. That authorisation will remain in place while your account remains active and paid up to date.

Do you have a mail collection service?

  • We collect all mail from our PO Boxes every day. This service is included in your virtual office address package. Forwarding costs are also included in your package, for items up to C5 size. The postage for larger items will be charged at cost plus.

How many business names can I have on the same account?

  • We allow a maximum of 1 business names per Inspiringr address, per subscription.

Can I use my Virtual (VA PLUS) Office Address as my SEC/DTI Registered Office Address?

  • Yes, you can. We have VA Plus – VA PLUS allows you to use our address for DTI, SEC, City, BIR registration. Our clients can legitimately Inspiringr address for all of their business needs.

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